When hiring a hacker, consider several things before letting them work on your network. Hackers who have committed crimes should not be trusted with the company's network, and you should always run a thorough background check before allowing them access. There are also some ethical issues that you should consider before allowing them to work on your network.

First, determine what kind of hacking services you require. Some hackers specialize in a particular project, while others may work as security consultants. While not all hackers are created equal, it is important to find a white-hat hacker with a proven track record in security. Also, look for previous work and talk with previous clients. If possible, ask if the hacker offers a free trial period, because some offers can be too good to be true.

Next, you should know what type of security policies your company has in place. You should also sign a contract that clearly states what you will not allow a hacker to do. It is important to ensure that your security policy is adhered to, since breaches of this type can be tricky to deal with.

The second issue to consider is hiring a hacker with ethical considerations. Some hackers have a history of illegal hacking, and they may still have a reputation for being dishonest. If they are a former hacker, they may still have a history of looking into your company files or downloading illegal warez and copy protected music. You should also be sure to ask for proof of their insurance coverage.
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