Welcome to the top software company Codeware Ltd. where your dreams come true, your thoughts create a new world, and your ideas come to life. At Codeware, we are always striving for growth and the creation of a flexible, dynamic, and successful company.

Codeware Ltd. is a Bangladesh and UK-based software company that is one of the promising best software development and mobile application building companies in Bangladesh. Our aim at creating a new standard in the era of software technology.

Are you starting a new journey in the online business? We are one of the world's top software development company in Bangladesh. We create powerful and adaptable website designs and mobile apps for you based on your specifications. We have demonstrated our competence and made an impact in the software industry. To meet the challenge of updated technology, we have enlightened our team with new information.

As an experienced and passionate IT company, we are happy to talk, listen, and assist you in achieving your goals and implementing the strategy. We specialize in the development of high-quality software, web, and mobile app solutions.

Technical Skills as a software company:
* Mobile Development (Android, iOS, Hybrid)
* eCommerce (Opencart, Shopify, Magento, Mongo)
* Designing (Website, Graphic, Logo Design, Mobile UX/UI Design)
* Social Network Integration - Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube
We have the privilege of serving the best brands in Bangladesh as well as international markets. We are leading the following points

- A specialized team of skilled designers and developers
- Creating Android and iOS applications at a reasonable cost
- Control your intellectual property rights.
- Ensure development services with the best infrastructure available.
- Timely delivery
- A customer-centered approach
- Constant assistance from us 24/7

What Makes Us Unique?
We are a group of talented individuals who are enthusiastic about our work. For our clients, we imagine, design, and deliver custom software. We're obsessed with productivity, simplicity, and beautiful design and development. We aspire to be the pioneers and leaders in the best software development in Bangladesh one day.

Our company's specialty is that we will engage the best team of developers to build your project dream or ensure that your project is a huge success.

To attract qualified visitors, your website must be both visually appealing and technically sound. We offer you the best services as well as technical features.
•Unique Design and Coding
•We do it multi-device mobile responsive
•Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Compatible
•Search Engine Friendly URL
•Cross-Browser Compatibility
•Website with a strong Level of Security at Both Code and Server Levels
•AMP – Amplified Mobile Pages
•Google Analytics Integration
•Single Click Navigation
•Fast to Download
•DOS Attack Proof
•Velvety-Smooth User Experience With Rich UI & UX
•Social Media Feed Integration
•User-Friendly CMS – Content Management System Platforms

What We Have to Offer:
We provide excellence in user experience and design, agile engineering, and software development innovation strategy. We also conduct innovation and generate and refine disruptive ideas to design and development services. We offer a high-quality and user-friendly website that will undoubtedly be Bangladesh's rapidly developing technology sector.

Why Codeware Ltd?
A company filled with few challengers to take the challenge and enjoy it – we create discover and furnish your dream product. Providing solutions in home and offshore markets.
We are a group of super-smart developers prepared to deliver your project to life. We build web or cellular applications, turning in options you may contact as like shortly as possible into the process.
Try as much as we might, we understand no one desires to love your production as like a great deal as you. Given this, we’ll deliver you the improvement techniques from start to finish. You may advise some law studies over our job here and then what our technique allows us in imitation of construct and successfully here.
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