Saving people's life is a privilege, honour and a work of the strong-hearted.  There are people around us who have the eye of the tiger and are dedicated to saving people from harm's way.

It is not just about diving underwater but also about identifying and looking after marine life. It becomes a diver’s responsibility to take care of the marine environment and the people as well.

Many such people tend to become a part of the defence forces such as the army, airforce, marines, etc. But many other fields require the same strength and toughness to dave people.

Anything related to water requires a safety procedure. From ships to swimming, All of them need safety measures. The same can be said for scuba diving.

If not carried out properly then scuba diving can turn into an unfortunate event for any person. Therefore, while diving there are special divers that take care of the newbie divers and trainers as well. 

These divers are called rescue divers. They are taught about all the kinds of safety measures that can be used underwater to save a person’s life. 

Some of the techniques include CPR, use of AED, taking care of the spinal injury and performing basic first aid. It includes saving yourself while saving others as well.

Of the diver is not safe and others are not safe. Hence, becoming a rescue diver is a major responsibility. The options for Padi dive instructor courses also include the Emergency first response course and Padi speciality instructor course.
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